Bachie Ep2

You guys we’ve made it to episode two! Let’s jump straight in! Single Date Osher arrives at the women’s mansion to hand over a single date card. The cryptic clue is that Matt hopes he can speak her language. Of course our Chinese Correspondent Kristen knows this is her date. Definitely. She speaks fluent Mandarin […]

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Pens click, papers shuffle, a foot taps to its own beat. The dull drone of an air conditioner plays theme song to the melodic tones of the lecture as the professor speaks of conflicts where the individuals involved suffer a second death as their names fade from memory.

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All the King’s Horses

I’m thrilled to reveal the cover of All the King’s Horses. All the King’s Horses is a political thriller/contemporary women’s action and released 15 November. BLURB:  There are three ways you become a Monarch 1. Born 2. Marry 3. Steal They stole it. And I have a choice: Fall into line, serve our new King, or […]

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Girls are nothing but witches.
Witches are bitches whose ire results in fire in the form of lies that destroy lives of men who did nothing but be boys being boys being boys being boys.

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At what point

At what point does the jury judge
That the clothes I wear
How I dress my hair
The street I take
Or the decisions I make
Are what led to assault? 

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