Girls are nothing but witches
Witches are bitches whose ire results in fire in the form of lies that destroy lives of men who did nothing but be boys being boys being boys being boys
I have an itch under my skin
Nothing but a drunken grope
He doesn’t remember
You have destroyed the reputation of this fine man
Silly girl
Wicked woman
He is innocent until proven guilty
You are always a liar
In the church of life, he is Adam
You are Eve
No matter his sins, you are the jezebel casting him out to the wilderness, breaking the covenant which says;
Boys will be Boys
Do you itch?
Does the fire burn under your skin?
Does the rage blister?
Hear me as I whisper into your ear;
You are magic, dear one.
Boys will be boys
But girls are witches with the power to change the world
Walk into the fire, my dear girl
Embrace the embers and flame
Roar your truth
Now if your time to ignite

© Kim Congram 2018


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