New Release: Rough Code

Rough Code is now available on Kindle Unlimited and in paperback. While I loved writing this story, it was difficult for me for a number of reasons.

Black reading glasses sit on top of two books. The books are spine side out showing the name Kim Congram as the author, and Rough Code, and On Edge on the top of the spine. On Edge is in electric blue with black font, while Rough Code is in deep pink with Black font.

I first wrote and published On Edge in 2015. I always anticipated on it being the first book in the Rough Edges series. As I wrote On Edge (Jetta and Paxton’s story), Luc and Evie stuck out to me as the next characters I wanted to write.

The only problem? They stopped talking to me.

For two years I tried to force their story to come. I begged, pleaded, through sex scenes at them. All I got back was a few measly lines and crickets.

*chirp chirp*

Then I wrote All the King’s Horses. Badass Emma strode in, took charge and told all my other characters to back the f**k up. She had a story to tell and it needed to be told NOW.

I launched All the King’s Horses in 2018, and what followed was a pouring of words. It was like Emma had blocked all my other characters until she was done with me.

 Woman seated on the edge of a bed. A book is spread across her thighs while she reads. You can only see the tops of her legs (weaing jeans) and up to her shoulders (dressed in black t-shirt and flowered kimono). She has a  silver ring on her right hand on her index finger.

In the last two months of 2018, I wrote Rough Code, edited in early 2019 and launched it on 14 March 2019.

Luc and Evie’s story involves abuse, facing past trauma, and the power of love. It’s not an easy story. In some ways, it’s the hardest story I’ve ever written. These two are good, they belong together. But even when you’re story and feel secure in a relationship, we face insurcurities – particularly where trauma is involved.

I’m not always rational in my reactions. Thankfully, my husband understands. The best thing about a relationship is how the other person believes in you, even when you struggle to believe in yourself. Relationships should life us up – all relationships, not just romantic ones.

That’s what this story is really about. Finding your own strength and knowing that when you’re lost there are good people willing to prop you up.

I hope you read Rough Code and fall in love with Evie and Luc. I know I did.

Rough Code paperback placed on wooden floor. A cup of coffee is in the upper right-hand corner of the photo.

Evie Franklin doesn’t know the meaning of home. On the run since her teens, Evie’s whole life is built around a quick exit. After a violent attack leaves her vulnerable, Evie’s forced to rely on the only man who makes her wish she could stay.

Lucien Falco knew Evie was hiding something. The talented, beautiful hacker was a puzzle Luc wanted to solve. Raised in a loving, close knit family, he’s always known what’s he’s been looking for. But no woman has ever come close.

Until now.

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All photos by Jessica Christie, Jessica L Christie Photography
Cover design by Abigail Davies, Pink Elephant Designs

Kim Congram logo - Kim Congram in big block letters with pink, puple and blue watercolour in the blocks. A cartoon girl sits on the C of Congram next to a pile of books. Tag line is "A little adventure every chapter."

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