He was a rock
Solid, strong, timeless in his ability to always be and let be
A lodestone attracting me to him 
His magnetic force binding us in an unbreakable attraction

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Where do You dwell?

The more churches I see,
The more I am convinced
They are shrines to man and not God.

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Calling out inequality, injustice and discrimination, Is not Oh, woe is me. No.  This is my reality. And it is time to change.  © 2018 Kim Congram

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Crown of Thorns

On her head was a crown of thorns And on her finger a ring of gold. But her heart was encaged by steel While her will was made of iron. What God has put together Let no man put asunder. She would not kneel She will never obey She was born to rule. On her […]

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The best thing women can do

“The best thing women can do,” the Facebook comment began. “Is to start writing and producing films. Getting content out there because let’s face it 90% of the content is driven by male leads (which is slowly changing).”

“Lol. Just Lol.” I replied.

“What about the last comment irks you?” Asked the poster.

Irk was the right word. I was exasperated. I was annoyed. And here’s why.

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I Dare You

Break me down. Split me open. Destroy me. You already express your disdain in word and deed. The glass ceiling is reinforced with actions that transparently demonstrate your hatred for all I am. Do not whisper your lies to me, Dear Man, I have peeled off your mask. What dwells in me is a fighter, […]

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